In the Spring of 2018, LAUSD Board Vice President Nick Melvoin hosted a series of community forums in Board District 4 with the purpose of discussing the strengths, opportunities for improvement, and vision for the schools that serve families throughout the district.

Great public schools ensure students achieve their fullest potential, not only by providing great classroom teachers and principals, but also by engaging parents, families, and community partners to collectively move the school community forward.

Nick and his team invited all stakeholders in the community – parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and community partners – to contribute to the conversation about their vision for the future of public education. The forums also included an overview of key data, which included current and historic enrollment trends, student demographic and attendance, and academic achievement. In an effort to engage in more robust, community-driven discussions, we held seven forums in seven distinct communities across Board District 4. The insights and findings from those forums are available for download below.