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Past Newsletters

10/03/2019 - A breath of fresh air in LA Unified

9/06/2019 - Want to transform how LAUSD uses data? So do

8/23/2019 - The only Old Town Road remix you won't get tired of hearing

7/18/2019 - School's out—but the work continues!

6/13/2019 - A year for the books in BD4!

5/16/2019 - Learn about Measure EE and more!

4/30/2019 - April showers bring more resources for student success!

4/11/2019 - Spring is Coming

3/14/2019 - Greetings from D.C.!

2/22/2019 - Can we empower schools to better serve kids?

2/06/2019 - Moving forward with kids first

12/14/2018 - Wishing you and your family a joyful holiday and happy, healthy new year!

11/20/2018 - I'm thankful for YOU!

11/01/2018 - Don't Be Spooked—Get out and VOTE!

10/01/2018 - Thank you for engaging in LA Unified's progress to improve our public schools!

8/23/2018 - Welcome back to school, LA Unified!

8/09/2018 - Thank you for a great first year in BD4! 

7/13/2018 - School might be out for summer, but Board District 4 isn’t skipping a beat!

6/21/2018 - Putting Kids First means Keeping Families Together

6/14/2018 - Caps off to the Class of 2018! 

5/04/2018 - L.A. Unified's New Leader, Lessons in Innovation, and Learning from the Community: The Kids First Newsletter  

4/02/2018 - Trip to D.C., Local Collaboration, & Community Forums: The Kids First Newsletter

3/09/2018 - Join Me in Demanding Common Sense Gun Laws & Best Practices to Protect L.A. Unified Students and Staff

3/02/2018 - School Safety, Student Leaders, and Save the Dates: The Kids First Newsletter

1/30/2018 - Democratizing Data, DREAMers, and Dr. King's Legacy: The Kids First Newsletter

1/02/2018 - Happy New Year from LAUSD Board Vice President Nick Melvoin!

12/15/2017 - Policy Reform, Wildfire Relief, and Holiday Wishes Granted: A Successful Semester of Putting Kids First 

11/22/2017 - A Kids First Thanksgiving Message

11/3/2017 - DREAMers, Spellers, and Story-tellers: The Kids First Newsletter

10/06/2017 - Light Now in Board District 4

9/06/2017 - The First Weeks of Kids First