Sponsored by VicePresident Melvoin

Cosponsored by Dr.

Passed 1/16/18

The L.A. Unified Board of Education voted 6-1 today to approve the “LAUSDATA” resolution sponsored by Board Vice President Nick Melvoin and Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic to create a system of open portal datasets and data applications to increase transparency and accountability in the second largest school district.

Open Data is publicly available and easily accessible data published by the District so that the public is able to engage and participate in L.A. Unified’s progress toward goals like 100% graduation, literacy and numeracy for all, closing achievement gaps, and college and career readiness for all students.

Black History
Month 2018

Sponsored by Board Member Dr. McKenna

Cosponsored by Vice President Melvoin, Ms. Gonez & Mr. Schmerelson

Passed 1/16/18

The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education unanimously approved today, a resolution celebrating Black History Month in February. The 2018 theme is, “African-Americans in Times of War” beginning with a former slave, Crispus Attucks, who died in the Boston Massacre, the first American killed in the American Revolution.

Said by Nick in the January 16th board meeting, "During this tumultuous time in our country – in which the contributions of certain groups are being ignored, misinterpreted, and dismissed – it is more important than ever that we remember and celebrate the contributions of the African-American community. There is no American history without African-American history. If the headlines teach us anything, it’s that we could all spend more time studying the past and using those lessons to inform our present. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us, ‘Instead of making history, we are made by history.’ A history that includes the contributions of countless African-Americans. I’m proud to support this resolution, and will join our students in learning more about our nation’s past.”

Sexual Harassment Policies

Sponsored by Vice President Melvoin

Cosponsored by Board President Garcia & Ms. Gonez

Passed 12/12/17

The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted to approve Board Vice President Nick Melvoin’s resolution to incorporate best practices into its sexual harassment policies for all employees in the second-largest school district, which is also the second-largest employer in Los Angeles County.

The past weeks have exposed a pervasive culture of work-related sexual harassment, assault, and inappropriate behavior across several industries, which was the impetus for Melvoin’s resolution to call on L.A. Unified to immediately set up a hotline for reporting, conduct a comprehensive review of current policies, and implement a centralized tracking system for complaints from school sites and central offices.

$20,000 by 2020

Sponsored by Board Member Gonez

Cosponsored by Vice President Melvoin & Dr. McKenna

Passed 11/14/17

With California lagging near the bottom nationally in public school funding, the Board of Education called on lawmakers Tuesday to more than double per-pupil funding over the next three years to support the state’s education system.

The board’s action came with its unanimous approval of a resolution, “Urging the State of California to Reclaim Its Leadership in Education by Increasing Investment in Our Schools.” The resolution details a coordinated advocacy effort to boost per-pupil funding to $20,000 by 2020.

The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted unanimously to approve Board Vice President Nick Melvoin’s resolution to transform district communications with a new smartphone app for the second largest school district.

Among the initial functions of the app would be an overhaul of antiquated robo-calls and paper surveys, opting for a more modern system of push notifications to alert parents and school staff of any relevant updates, such as emergency notifications, school closures, and calendar updates.


Tech App

Sponsored by Vice President Melvoin

Cosponsored by Board President Garcia & Dr. Vladovic

Passed 11/14/17